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Betrally India is pleased to announce that online poker games are now available!

Whether you are a newcomer to online poker or an experienced card shark at the tables, Betrally India has an offering for all types of players with a variety of real-money and free online poker games available for you to try.

Online poker games are continuing to grow in Asia, and poker is especially on the rise in India, with some of the biggest poker brands in the world bringing their live poker events to places such as Goa and Karnataka. Betrally India now wants to help you hone your skills on the virtual poker felt.

Now before you get started on your way to poker success, we wanted to give you a rundown on the basic poker rules and a few tips and tricks that will help you on your way to victory.

How to Play Online Poker Games

Poker comes in many variations and even in 2018 new variations are being formed.

The most popular poker game to play online is known as Texas Hold'em.

Texas Hold`em Poker

In a game of Texas Hold'em Poker, each player is dealt two cards, and used in combination with the five community cards to make the best five-card poker holding.

Now if you are new to poker, don't worry, Texas Hold'em is a variation of poker that is easily picked up.

So, let's start with the basic poker rules in Texas Hold'em. Once every player is dealt their two cards the first round of betting begins. There are three main positions at the poker table — the dealer, or often referred to as the button, the small blind, and the big blind.

The blinds are a set amount and put into the pot at the start of every hand. For example, if the big blind is 20, then the person in that position every hand must put 20 into the pot.

The small blind is very often half of the big blind amount, so in this example, the small blind must put in 10 into the pot. The blinds amount will increase, depending on the structure of the poker tournament, as the game progress. For example, 20, 40, 80, 100. Therefore making the pots more and more valuable as the poker tournament progresses.

The position of the button, small blind and big blind also dictate the betting order. For example, the person on the immediate left of the big blind, known as the 'under-the-gun' player is always the first person to act and means they must either call (place the big blind amount into the pot), raise the big blind amount, or fold.

The action then goes around each player until the big blind is the final player to make their decision in the first round of betting. If the big blind player opts to raise any previous bets, the action goes to the next player still playing the hand, and so on.

Once the first round of betting is complete, the first three community cards get dealt face-up and known as the flop. The second round of the poker game takes place before the fourth card is dealt face-up, and is known as the turn. Another round of betting takes place before the final card becomes dealt face-up, and is known as the river.

With all five community cards now on the board, the remaining players will have to make the best five-card holding they can, and a final round of betting is completed before a showdown must occur between the remaining players. Players will use one or both of their holding alongside three or four of the community cards.

For example; Player A holds the ace of hearts and the king of hearts. With three of the five community cards also heart cards. Therefore Player A has five heart cards and completes the best possible flush available. Remember in poker the ace is high.

But on rare occasions the five community cards will be the best combination, resulting in a split of the pot to the remaining players. For example, the five cards down are the 'ace, king, queen, jack and ten of hearts,' known as the Royal Flush, which is the best possible poker combination and can't be beaten, resulting in the pot being divided among the active players.

Other Online Poker Games in Betrally India

Omaha Poker

This variation is unique. Each player is dealt seven cards over the rounds of betting, and no community cards are used. The aim of the game is still to make the best holding using five cards, but this scenario it`s the low cards that are the best.

Online Poker Tips and Tricks:

Position is key to success in the online poker games

In the online poker games the position you play in every hand is vital. Whether you are the button (dealer), small blind, big blind, early position or middle position will make all difference.

Playing the wrong types of card combinations in the wrong position over a long period can result in your chip stack diminishing quickly - unless of course, you have already mastered the art of bluffing!

Understanding what poker hand combinations are strong and weak in each position at the poker table will help with your continued success.

Read your opponents!

Although understanding each position at the poker table will give your poker game a solid foundation, understanding your opponents will give you a higher edge.

Pay attention to every hand played, even if you are not involved. If you can gather information from other players, while trying your best not to give opponents information on yourself, you will be well positioned to take full advantage.

There are lots of ways to gather information on players at the poker table, for example;

  • Bet Sizing - do they bet small or large on certain cards - this can be a tell.
  • Mannerisms - are they chatty in some situations but deadly silent in others? This is more difficult in online poker of course, but it can still be applied with the use of chat boxes.
  • Are they an active poker player or not? How often does each player get involved in each hand can often be an excellent way to understand if they like to play loose or tight poker. Understanding their 'player personna' can help you work out if they are more or less likely to be holding a strong or weak hand in each situation.

Poker is a game of patience. There may be times where you feel it is right to fold your hand early, and there might be times where you are happy to go all the way, maybe even by making a big bluff! But overall poker games are all about patience, especially in online tournaments.

The best real-money prizes in online poker will come in the highest finishing positions of course. In a tournament with 100 entrants for example, often the 1st place real-money prize on offer will be worth almost double the third-place prize money. Being able to survive and most importantly, not surrender all your chips, is a keystone to success in poker.

So prepare to play for long hours at the poker table. On average, a poker tournament will last between 4-12 hours depending on the number of entrants and the blind structure.

Online Poker Tips and Tricks:

Do I have enough time to play? - Do not start a poker tournament if you have other commitments. There is nothing worse than playing a poker tournament, having a hot streak, and realizing you must be somewhere else.

Eat and Drink - Online poker tournaments will often have synchronized breaks, usually at the 55-minute mark in every hour, giving you just five minutes of rest before the action resumes. You may have time for a quick trip to the restroom or to make a cup of tea, but it is best to prepare food before playing so you can quickly grab it and return.

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