Premier League may be scrapped if not restarted by June end
Football 30-03-2020

No Premier League Before July? Different Scenarios in Making

As Covid-19 pandemic continues to bring daily lives to a standstill, football fans may have to wait a bit longer for the game to resume. While earlier speculation was that the English leagues wouldn’t resume at least until April 30, recent developments have further cast a shadow on their future. Gary Neville, former Manchester United […]

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Nathan Coulter's injuries may jeopardize his career of IPL 2020 is cancelled
Cricket 27-03-2020

The 5 Players Most Affected If IPL 2020 Is Cancelled

A delayed, truncated IPL with fewer matches than usual in the Group Stages would be a shame. A fully cancelled IPL would be nothing short of a disaster for fans, team owners, broadcasters, sponsors, those looking for IPL betting and even food vendors at the game and the well-paid cheerleaders. Then, of course, there are […]

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Asensio celebrates his victory in FIFA's La Liga
Football 26-03-2020

E-Sports: La Liga Stars Play FIFA to fill Coronavirus Void

It may not have been reported to the same extent as usual but La Liga did resume last weekend. Well sort of, just not in the way you’d expect. Here’s the story of how it all happened, why it was played indoors, why Barcelona were forced to boycott the event and how it was a […]

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Will Liverpool be denied the EPL title this year?
Football 26-03-2020

Will Liverpool Win the Premier League if it’s Cancelled?

A few weeks ago, Liverpool fans were counting down the days till they could take to the streets and celebrate winning the Premier League title for the first time ever, and their first top-division title since 1989-90. The landscape has since changed since the spread of the Coronavirus. First, a postponement of Premier League fixtures […]

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Tokyo Olympics Moved to 2021 amid Coronavirus
News 25-03-2020

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Postponed due to Coronavirus Pandemic

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 has been postponed to 2021 as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to bring the world to a standstill. Keeping the safety of the people and athletes in mind, the International Olympic Committee and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shared their concerns about the pandemic and decided to postpone the games to next […]

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There are alternatives to sports betting during the virus pandemic
Cricket 25-03-2020

Sports and COVID-19: What You Can Still Bet On

With no cricket, football, or tennis to keep us entertained, people now are starting to miss them. Yeah, we know – it’s like a scene from the Shining right now to the tune of “All work and no sports makes Jack a dull boy.” Boredom is creeping in – but not all is grim! With […]

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India vs South Africa ODI is cancelled for the time being
Cricket 24-03-2020

India v South Africa ODI Series Postponed – But Until When?

The ODI Series between India and South Africa that was scheduled to take place during March and has, like lots of sporting events, been affected by the Coronavirus. There’s some good news (and bad news) though. Is it still going ahead? If so, when? How many matches will be played? Here’s what we know so […]

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Tokyo Olympics may be moved to 2021 due to coronavirus
News 24-03-2020

Tokyo Olympics 2021? COVID-19 Paves Way for Possible Delay

Past Sunday, the International Olympics Committee on announced that it would decide the fate of the Tokyo Olympics in four weeks. The decision came as the body met after cries from players and national bodies to delay the competition due to coronavirus. The decision certainly came as a surprise to many, given that just five […]

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MS Dhoni in action during last years IPL
Cricket 23-03-2020

Will MS Dhoni retire if the IPL is cancelled?

This year’s IPL was meant to be a fascinating affair for any number of reasons. How would the Sunrisers Hyderabad perform with the controversial David Warner back as captain? Was this the year the Delhi Capitals would go from raw and dangerous, to realistic IPL contenders? But perhaps the biggest question on everyone’s mind was: […]

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Premier League may be scrapped if not restarted by June end
Football 20-03-2020

Harvey Elliot Joins in on the #stayathomechallenge

In these dark times, it’s sometimes best to turn away from the news of health scares, league postponements and the constant reruns of old leagues on TV. We all need something a bit lighter – wouldn’t you agree? One thing that has been shining through all the panic is the spread of the #stayathomechallenge on […]

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