Top 5 Cricket Teams to Bet on in 2020

At the end of 2019, a year and a decade, cricket has seen some wonderful moments. There were wins and upsets, many centuries and even more records broken. The entire decade’s overview of cricket can be difficult to write in words. However, 2019 has had its own share of some great moments in the game.

Top 5 Cricket Teams to Bet on in 2020

As of head into 2020 and mark the beginning of a new decade, the International Cricket Council has ranked all the teams with England leading the table. India ranked second is not so far behind with a few other teams following closely.

The team rankings are based on the number of matches played, and the points which a team gets for a win. Depending on the points, the rating for that particular team is given.

However, according to us at Bet India, the ODI teams to look out for in 2020 are not based on wins and losses. The individual performances of many players have played a key role in the overall outcome of a match. Cricket is a team sport and be it a bowler or a batsman, stepping up in times of need and getting that important wicket or running between the wickets.

Here are the top 5 teams to look out for in 2020


The England cricket team had been on a roll in the year 2019. They are currently ranked first in the ODI rankings placed by the International Cricket Council. Since in 2019, ODI matches were in great focus, there have been many innings that were in the limelight for extraordinary performances.

One such example was when England played against New Zealand in the much anticipated World Cup finals at Lord’s. The innings of Ben Stokes where he scored 84 runs in just 98 balls. The match ended in a tie with England’s victory in an exciting super over. The match put England at the top in May 2019 and held their ground until the end.

England is going to be the first team to be playing in 2020 from 3 January against South Africa. Betting on England would be a smart move as they rarely disappoint.


The Indian cricket team has been playing tremendously well and showcased some of the best cricket in years. The performance in the World Cup was outstanding, being at the top of the table. However, they could not move past New Zealand in the semi-finals.

2019 also saw the Indian cricket team winning the test series against Australia in the latter’s home ground for the first time ever. This is no small feat for the Indian cricket team. At the end of 2019, India had consecutive wins over some tough rivals.

Winning the series against West Indies soon after crashing out in the World Cup and then winning against South Africa, the team looked great in form, playmaking, and chemistry. India ended the year with series wins against Bangladesh and West Indies and so did the betting predictions for India ended on a high as well.

The team will be opening the new decade against Sri Lanka in a series of ODI and T-20 matches on 5 January. So get your bets ready!

New Zealand

Ranked third in the ICC rankings, New Zealand’s graph in cricket performance in 2019 was upwards since the World Cup. After losing to India early in 2019, New Zealand went on to beat Bangladesh in an ODI series. They took their revenge after beating India in the semi-finals in the World Cup.

However, after a gut-wrenching loss to England in the finals which was more of a technical result, New Zealand has maintained its high standard for the remainder of the year. After the World Cup, New Zealand played against Sri Lanka in an ODI series and won. However, in their next tournament against England, they fared poorly and lost.

In 2020, New Zealand will face Australia on 3 January and then India in a series. This will include T-20s, ODIs and Test Matches starting from 24 January. This would be a great time to bet on this team as they will be more determined than ever to win.


Australia has always been cricket royalty and people still remember the golden days of cricket. The big names who were known for their ruthlessness. However, in the recent past, the team’s performance has been rocky.

The team has had its share of ups and downs in 2019. The team began the year with two consecutive wins against India and Pakistan. In the World Cup, Australia was placed second in the table after India. However, in the semi-finals, they lost to England who went on to win the World Cup.

Australia took their revenge in the Test series against England post their World Cup upset and won 2-1. At the end of the year, Australia played a series of matches against Sri Lanka and Pakistan, both of which they converted into wins. The team will be heading into 2020 with an upcoming series against New Zealand in a One-Day International Series.

South Africa

Being at number 5 in the ICC World ODI rankings, South Africa has had an eventful 2019. The team scraped through their first series in 2019 against Pakistan. However, getting back to their form against Sri Lanka the team white-washed their opponent, 5-0 in an ODI series.

However, being strong contenders, South Africa played the World Cup and stood at a poor position of 7th at the table. They did not qualify for the quarter-finals. Their performance plummeted marginally after the World Cup and they were playing India in an ODI series next. They lost 3-0 to India.

The South African cricket team managed to close the year and the decade wins a Test match win against England. They are 1-0 up and their first match in 2020 will be a continuance of the Test series. South Africa will play their first match, a Test match against England between 3 – 7 January and an ODI series will follow.

These are the top 5 teams in the ICC rankings in terms of One-Day Internationals. Since 2019 saw a rise in the ODI format, 2020 will be a continuance for this format with an equal number of Test matches and T-20s as well. If you would want to bet on cricket, these teams are the ones to look out for.