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Best English Premier League Winner Odds

It is well-known that the EPL is one of the few most competitive football leagues on the planet. Leading sites for online football betting in India are aware of this and consequently offer odds based on their own internal research, statistical analysis, and calculations.

Faced with so many choices, it can be pretty tricky to pick the right bookie and place your bets.

That’s where we at Bet India come into the picture. We have done the heavy legwork and research to bring you the best possible Premier League odds in India for the 2021-22 season. So rest assured, you do not need to go lurking around different online betting sites in India to see which one has the highest odds – we have done it all for you.

So for a match between Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and Aston Villa – where you know, City are bound to start as the favourites, would you bet on them to win at odds of 1.20 or 1.27?

We keep an eye out for these kinds of details at Bet India so you can place bets confidently and comfortably. The best part – all betting sites mentioned here are licensed and regulated for an optimum, pure, and safe gaming experience.

Best English Premier League Odds

Football betting is a long game – it requires the constant following, analysis, tracking of results, and revising/amending the strategies, so you eventually become profitable in the long run.

But that shouldn’t stop you from placing a bet on the outright winner market at the beginning of the season. Many die-hard football fans have done this religiously through the years, and at times, it has paid off.

For instance, the betting odds on Leicester City winning the Premier League title in the 2015-16 campaign was 5000-1! And a lucky fan ended up cashing a good deal of money on that bet.

Of course, the chances of something like this happening once again are, well, 1 in 5000 but placing a fun bet of ₹100 will not really do any harm. That said, the best outright markets for the Premier League betting in 2021-22 can be found at Betway. Make sure to read through our detailed Betway Review before you sign up too!

Of course, the Premier League betting odds will change depending on how the teams are faring in the league, so make sure to keep an eye on the markets!

Best odds on EPL betting


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Other Premier League Betting Markets

The Premier League is full of incredible rivalries which goes back years, if not decades. In these high-octane matches, it may become challenging to pick an outright winner.

For example, in the Merseyside derby last season between Liverpool and Everton, the Toffees won the away leg at Anfield by 2-0 to hand the Reds a rare home defeat. As for the first leg, it ended in a 2-2 draw.

Even though Liverpool were favourites on paper, they displayed a performance opposite and consequently, those who placed their bets on them to win ended up losing. Similar instances can also be seen in games between Chelsea – Arsenal, Man City – Man United, and so on.

That’s why we encourage our readers to look into other markets where you can maximise your chances of winning without picking an outright winner. In fact, at Bet India, we always make a point to research the top football betting sites to handpick the best odds for these markets. You will be surprised to know that many sites will have better odds on certain things!

They tend to focus more on how the match will go rather than the result:

  • Who will score the goals?
  • How many goals can be scored?
  • Whether the team will keep a clean sheet?
  • Whether both sides will score a goal?

In other words, there’s more to it than just betting on the winner! So here’s a selection of alternatives to keep an eye out for.

Goal being scored in Football to represent the Both Teams to Score market in English Premier League betting
Both Teams to Score – Yes/No

This one is an interesting football betting market and one of our top favourites in other leagues such as Euro Cup betting as well. The objective here is quite simple – to predict if both teams on the field will score at least one goal or not.

If the teams in question are not so sound defensively, say Aston Villa vs. Newcastle, then it may be a safe bet to put a ‘Yes’ in this market as both of them are likely to score against each other.

On the other hand, if the mighty Man City are up against a comparatively inferior side like Leeds United, you can very well bet on them to win with a clean sheet, that is, putting a ‘No’ in the market would be the way to go.

scoreboard for a football game with a 3:0 score on it to represent the Over/Under 2.5 Goals market for EPL betting online

Over/Under Goals

This market focuses more on how many goals the match will see in total. It does not matter if the goals are coming only from one team or both – for you to win the bet, you must accurately predict if the number of goals in the match is over or under a given number – 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, and so on.

When Chelsea played Manchester United last season, both legs ended in a goalless draw. Not a surprising outcome, seeing the defensive prowess of the Blues. So any bet that focussed on ‘Under 0.5/Under 1.5/Under 2.5 Goals’ type of markets would have resulted in a profit.

On the contrary, Manchester City’s goal scoring engine ran riot against teams like Fulham and Southampton, scoring at least three goals in each game. In this case, the ‘Over 1.5 Goals’ and other similar markets would have been the right choice to make.

Football with a clock beside it to represent the Anytime Goalscorer online betting market for the Premier League

Anytime Goalscorer

As the name suggests, this market focuses on whether or not a player will score a goal in the match. As expected, forwards and strikers have lower odds (since they are more likely to score), while midfielders and defenders carry higher odds with them.

Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur scored an impressive 23 goals last season in the Premier League to become the top goalscorer in England’s top-flight football. Liverpool’s Mohammad Salah came in second with 22 while Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes came in third with 18.

Keeping a close eye on the matches and players can tell you which are clicking and are in fine form, thus allowing you to place your bets more accurately.

Arrow target to represent the Correct Score betting market for online betting on the English Premier League

Correct Score

We consider this market as the equivalent of predicting Man of the Match in online cricket betting.

The objective here is simple – predict the correct score at the end of the full 90 minutes. As expected, this can be quite tricky to get right, but the events in this market generally have higher odds than others. So if you get it right, your profits will be much higher than what they would have been in, say, outright winners market.

The best way to go about this would be to see how the teams have fared historically against each other and their recent form and run in the past few games. Making a bet on Chelsea to beat Liverpool by 5-2 is quite ridiculous (but not impossible) – however, if you were to make a safer bet here along the lines of 1-0 win for the Blues/Liverpool or a 1-1 draw, the chances of that clicking are higher. You get the point.

1OCRIC will usually have great odds on this market, so check out our 10CRIC review to learn more about India’s best betting site!


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Premier League betting FAQs

You can bet on the EPL at any of the top sports betting sites in India. 10CRIC, Betway and Pure Win are our top choices.

It is technically legal to bet on sports as no laws at the moment cover the scope of online betting. However, online betting is completely prohibited in Tamil Nadu and Telangana.

Create an account at a betting site, fulfil your KYC obligations and make a deposit! Then, head to the Premier League betting page, find your match choice and place a bet.

10CRIC and Betway. In fact, all the operators you see here at Bet India are known for their world-class service and, of course, their brilliant odds.

English Premier League Betting Tips

As a highly competitive football league, English Premier League matches are quite diverse at times and often, unpredictable too.

In such a scenario, it is safe to say that no two matches can follow the same bet, time after time. In fact, you will have to revise your bets and markets depending on which two sides are playing!

But that isn’t to say you cannot follow a definite set of principles – guidelines, so to speak before you go about placing your bets. We call these the research metrics that must be explored and analysed thoroughly before arriving at your bets:

  • Head to head tally
  • Recent form of the team in the league
  • Form of the key players/strikers in the teams
  • Venue/Ground conditions – home advantage plays a huge role!
  • Suspensions, injuries
  • Goals scored and conceded in the past few matches

By closely looking at these aspects, you will be in a comfortable position to predict how the game can go. To put it differently, if your chances of making a right bet before this research was, say 30%, then afterward it is likely to be 60% or more.

Again, these are just hypothetical numbers – the point here is you maximise your chances of winning the bet by studying the numbers! Our expert betting tips are based on this kind of analysis and are certainly in line with the ethos of responsible gambling.

Football location marker to represent Where to bet on the EPL online

Where to Bet on Premier League

Okay, now that you know the ins and outs of Premier League betting, the next order of business would be where to bet.

We have answered this question for you – all you have to do is check out our list of best online betting sites in India! These sites are licensed, regulated, and trustworthy so rest assured, your personal data and money is in safe hands.

More importantly, we have personally vetted these sites time after time and they carry the Bet India seal of approval, which is a huge deal! Ideally, if you want to choose 1 or 2 sites make sure they have odds on other leagues too. For example, we enjoy Indian Super League betting and so choose the best sites that offer this as well.

For Premier League betting, we recommend the following:

  • 10CRIC
  • Betway
  • Pure Win

Not only do these betting sites have exceptional odds and diverse betting markets, but you will also find that they accept Indian Rupees and Indian payment methods for a seamless banking experience. And of course, if you have any queries, you can always reach out to their customer support, available 24/7.

Smortphone with football on it to represent How to bet online on the English Premier League

How to Bet on Premier League

Have you ever ordered food from Zomato or Swiggy? Well, betting on the EPL is just as easy.

Step 1: Visit your preferred betting site and create an account. Remember to enter your details correctly; otherwise, you may face problems while withdrawing/depositing funds!

Step 2: Fulfil your KYC obligations. All our betting sites require their customers to verify their identity by uploading a copy of their ID card as per the norms and regulations. Without this, you will not be able to add money to your account.

Step 3: Top up your betting account and head to the Football Betting section. You may also find the Premier League betting option on the homepage, considering the popularity of the league among Indian bettors.

Step 4: Find the match you want to bet on and explore the different markets till you find the one that suits you. Of course, you can base it on our predictions or make a pick yourself – either way, be sure to be data-driven!

Step 5: Place your bets – you’re now primed to enjoy Premier League betting!

With this, you may also want to keep an eye out for the best betting sites in India with instant withdrawals because you will be able to get your winnings much faster!


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Pure Win


Image of a football that represents how to Choose an English Premier League Betting Market

EPL Betting Market Choices

As we said earlier, betting on the winners is not everything here – there are plenty of other betting markets waiting to be explored.

For a high-stakes match between Manchester City and Liverpool, you may find well over 100 different betting options depending on the site you are at. These vary from correct score, over/under goals to anytime goalscorer, who will score the first goal, number of red cards, number of yellow cards, score at halftime, and much more.

At Bet India, we tend to focus on only a handful of these events, but there is no reason why you cannot go beyond and pick additional markets to bet on. The only thing to remember here – please bet responsibly and do your research rather than blindly arriving at the wagers. If you’re looking for a site with a great selection, then Pure Win is the place you should sign up to.

Football banner to represent some General Tips for Betting on the EPL

General Tips for Premier League Betting

While we have already mentioned how to select a bet, discussed below are some other things you might want to consider. These simple tips will help you become a betting God in the long run.

  • Get in the habit of reading post-match news pieces and analysis articles
  • Track your bets – over time, you will notice a pattern as to which bets click and which don’t. This will further allow you to place your money in the right ‘pool’
  • Watch out for the underdogs – Leicester City’s phenomenal run a few years back may very well be replicated again by other sides
  • Follow the top players and goalscorers diligently through the season – knowing their form and how they are performing will enable you to place more accurate bets on their respective teams
  • As much as possible, watch the match – even if it is just the highlights. A visual image of how the team is playing can be a powerful driving force in getting the bets right

English Premier League Predictions & News

If you are a frequent follower of our team at Bet India, you know that we are all about helping you make smart, informed bets over here. To that extent, we give out the latest Premier League 2021-22 betting tips and predictions for all big games throughout the season, built on solid research and thorough analysis.

With that, we will also bring you all the latest news and developments from the EPL so you can always be updated and be on the top of your betting game.

These prediction articles will give you an honest, transparent picture of how the teams in question are positioned to play the match and how the game can go.

English Premier League Live Betting

Imagine you are sitting at your favourite sports bar, watching the live game between Liverpool and Arsenal. You can see how the match is going and are in a good position to predict the events in the next 10 minutes or even minute-by-minute.

This is where the thrill of live betting comes into the picture.

There are many advantages of live betting, the most notable of which are the fact that live betting markets tend to carry slightly higher odds than pre-match betting. Moreover, certain live markets are available only in the 90 minutes of the match!

Another great thing about live betting is that you have all the data in real-time, right in front of your eyes to make the bets. All you really need for this is a smartphone and a betting app.

Chelsea Started as Favourites against Aston Villa but the Tables Turned Soon

In the final matchday of the Premier League 2020-21, Chelsea lost to Aston Villa by 2-1 despite starting as the overwhelming favourites. The pre-match markets heavily favoured the Blues, but by the 52nd minute, the Villans had taken a 2-0 lead, effectively giving them the control of the match.

Those who bet on live betting markets favouring a Villa win made good profits that day while the Chelsea backers had to settle for a loss on their bets (and the match).

Spurs Trailed against Man United but Staged a Remarkable Comeback

In the early days of the last season, the match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs ended in an astounding 6-1 win for the Spurs.

But the match started with United getting an early lead in the second minute, thanks to a penalty by Fernandes. However, Harry Kane-led Spurs managed to strike four goals in the first half to shift the momentum and tide in their favour.

This is another great example that says how quickly the game can turn – seeing Spurs on a roll and dominating the match so handsomely, live bets favouring their play – possession, cards, goals, attempts – led to some decent profits that day.

Best EPL live betting sites


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Start betting on the English Premier League!

Well, that’s all folks! That is all there is to know about Premier League betting. Create an account today with any of the betting sites mentioned here to get started. In the meantime, bookmark Bet India as we will bring you all the latest news and developments from the EPL to help you make smart bets.