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At Bet India, we like to rally together the best betting sites for Indian players like yourself! Our aim is to provide the best and most informative content around so that you can make some cash.

How does that sound? Pretty good, right?

Who is Bet India?

We are two people with a love for the game. Which game, you ask? Well, pretty much all of them!

We love it so much that we decided to see if we could make money betting on different sports over the last couple of years.

One day, we thought that we should share our knowledge with the world – so here we are!

Bet India


Hey Guys! Great to see you here. This is Chi, your everyday 9-to-5 working guy with a deep passion for sports. Tennis and football are of particular interest to me, but I’m open to watching any sport, as long as I have a beer with me.

I’m here at Bet India to help you guys understand and make the most of sports betting in a responsible, fun and calculated manner. From providing you with the latest betting tips and predictions to bringing you the most recent developments in sports, you can rely on me to be your guide in this wonderful, exciting journey of wagering and winning online.


A sports fanatic by nature and a content writer by profession, preferably about sports, I’ve been a part of Bet India for a while now. An ardent player and follower of cricket, football and golf, I often have 3 or 4 windows open on my computer to follow as many sports as possible.

Like everyone, I can get defensive about my favourite team and sometimes the opponent as well. A true believer in the spirit of sports, I also believe in the scope of making money, only if the means or the skill are present. Betting ain’t for the faint-hearted!

Why are we doing this?

Well, definitely the most important reason is to let you share in the secret to our success! We have sooo much knowledge about all the different sports sites that it would be rude not to share it with the world! Let’s face it, a good game isn’t good unless you have some cash down on it, amirite?

Secondly, we’re doing this because of a little thing called affiliate marketing. It’s a sort of performance-based marketing where we’re paid for every click on a link to a website we’ve reviewed. Don’t worry though! We put our hearts and souls into everything we do and we only ever recommend something we have already tested out and loved!

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