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At Bet India, our team of expert cricket lovers will show you how to make real money with the latest cricket betting tips. Here you will find prediction articles for all the latest online cricket betting in India. Find out more about today’s cricket match tips, with full analysis, below.


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Where to bet on cricket – September


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Cricket Betting Tips Explained

Betting on cricket requires a lot of knowledge of both the game itself and how betting works. That’s why we aim to give you the best cricket betting tips and advice on match predictions.

The cricket tips on our website are carefully analysed by experienced betting experts – AKA the Bet India team!

On this tips page, you will find a complete list of cricket betting tips and predictions for matches around the world! From the Big Bash League to the T20 World Cup (and everything in between), you’ll find it all right here.

We LOVE all types of cricket too so you can expect to find previews for tests, one-day internationals and T20s.

You’ll find a detailed analysis of our free cricket betting tips but winning money is not always a guarantee. In order to give you the most accurate cricket tips, we always look at the following things:

weather forcast logo

Weather forecast

You need to be aware of the weather condition on the day. Cricket cannot be played when there are heavy rains, so this will impact the cricket betting match tips.

Strong winds, levels of humidity and amount of sunlight will also impact our free cricket betting tips.

We know from experience that, for example, clear skies and sunshine will help batsmen score more runs. While cloudy, humid days are better for the bowlers.

Time of day logo

Time of day

This is a huge thing to think about before we give our Test cricket betting tips.

A day-night test match, for example, will make the game trickier for the batsmen than the bowlers. What’s more, the pink ball that is used in day-night test matches often swings under lights but also spins as it gets worn.

Apparently, the pink ball gets damaged quicker than the traditional red one too.

Time of day will impact other forms of cricket too, so it’s a really big factor in our online cricket betting tips.

pitch conditions logo

Pitch conditions

Most people often underestimate the importance of the pitch when making match betting tips.

If a pitch is dry such as in stadiums in India and Pakistan, it is favourable to spin bowlers as it gives the ball more grip.

Whereas, pitches in countries such as Australia are more favourable for fast bowlers as it creates a movement of the seam when the ball bounces off the pitch.

trophy with a cricket ball to represent the best odds on cricket betting online

Team performance

The team’s recent form impacts the betting tips and cricket predictions that we will give. This is where the statistics really comes in.

Before we offer any advice on what to bet on, we will analyse the recent performance of the 2 teams. We will look at the cricket matches played between the 2 teams and create head-to-head statistics as well.

By doing so, it becomes much clearer to decide who has the best betting odds for a particular cricket match.

rupee money baf logo to represent the cricket betting tips with the best odds

The cricket betting odds

We always end by looking at the betting odds for every cricket prediction. Every betting website will offer different odds for an event. We check them all before even beginning to form our expert tips for every match.

For example, Betway has betting odds of 2.0 for a team to win. 10CRIC has odds of 2.10 for the same team to win. If a cricket tipster at Bet India believes that the team will win based on their expert analysis, then betting at 10CRIC is the best option.

We list bookies in our cricket betting tips so you can get the best odds to make a profit on cricket m.

You can also find a full list of cricket betting sites in India where you can place your bets safely and securely.

India’s best free cricket predictions website!

The main aim for giving out cricket betting tips free is to help you gain the confidence to bet on cricket!

Online betting is very new to India and many people are still learning how to make real money – that’s where our free cricket betting tips come in.

Knowledge sharing for free cricket betting tips

Why are the cricket tips free?

All of the cricket betting tips on this site are completely free because it is better to share this knowledge than keep it to ourselves.

You will find many “betting experts” online who claim they have the best cricket betting tips but they will charge you to see their predictions. Our advice is to ignore these people – why pay for these match tips when you can get them for free?

Gaining trust from today cricket predictions

What do we gain from giving free tips?

First, and most importantly, we gain your trust with our free cricket betting tips. That is the most important reason for doing giving you these bets.

We only give cricket betting tips and betting odds on what we truly believe are the top betting markets available in India. In fact, we place bets on every single one of our cricket tips.

We also get a small commission when you sign up to the cricket betting websites we list. This is how we can give these away free tips on cricket matches!

Get real money cricket betting predictions for free

Why choose our free cricket betting tips?

We understand that the most important thing to consider when giving cricket betting tips is the smart investment you make to get a profit.

Sure, there are some quick wins in our cricket betting tips such as winner tips and toss predictions, but the real money is made by following our tips over time.

If you were to place bets on all of the cricket tips that we give out every day, you will notice that over time you will have a high success rate. Combining this with the betting odds is the secret to our strategy.

Crown icon to represent you becoming the best you can at betting on cricket online

Cricket Betting Tip to Help you Become a Better Bettor!

Well, for starters you can follow the cricket betting tips that our experts have created just for you! These match prediction articles come with in-depth reasoning behind why we choose the betting tips that we do. That means that you will be able to easily understand the reason behind the betting markets we choose.

You will also find an odds comparison from the top cricket betting sites. This means that you will get the best value for every bet that you place – as long as you follow our advice! Keep in mind that we are more than just cricket experts, we also have deep knowledge of cricket betting as well. Not to mention that we absolutely love the game as well.

The final thing you must do to become better at cricket betting online is to keep up to date with all the latest news. If you can do this, you will be able to eventually figure out how a team will perform based on recent matches played, player performance and other factors.

Make sure to check out our ultimate guide to T20 betting as well – it will certainly help you on your journey to mastering cricket betting!

calendar icon to represent the daily cricket prediction articles that you can find here at Bet India

Daily Updates on the Biggest Cricket Matches and Leagues

It’s all well and good giving cricket betting tips to you for free, but it’s only valuable if you enjoy watching the game matches too! That’s why at Bet India, our experts focus on the top leagues. Today’s match analysis will cover everything from the Pakistan Super League, The Big Bash League, the IPL and The T20 World Cup. There’s a match prediction for every kind of cricket fan here.

What’s more is that it goes beyond all of the T20 leagues to cover match prediction analysis for Test and ODI as well. So you can expect to find all the major international cricket series covered by our experts too!

Telegram Logo

Cricket Betting Tips on Telegram

Do you want to get our cricket betting tips sent straight to you? You are in luck! You can join the Bet India Telegram channel if you want to get daily tips sent straight to your android.

The advantage of this is that you will get the match prediction, including the toss, sent straight to you. It’s easy to read and understand and you will get the latest odds as well as the best places to make the bets at.

What more could you want? Oh, how about a link to the betting site as well as a link to the cricket betting tips article? Yes, these are also included!


The BEST Betting Site in India!

  • Cricket & kabaddi betting
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Coin toss logo to represent our coin toss prediction for cricket games

Accurate toss prediction

Predicting the toss winner for matches is a very quick way to make a small profit. You’ll find today’s match toss winner on all of our cricket match predictions.

All of these bets are based on historical statistics between the 2 teams past tosses as well as the location and weather.

Today’s toss prediction bets are covered for all one day internationals, t20s and test series too. We will give these on all leagues too.

So you will find the most accurate toss prediction for the Ashes, the Cricket World Cup, the Big Bash League, the Pakistan Super League and everything else!

Ribbon of performance logo to represent that we always pick the match winners in our cricket predictions

Cricket match winner tips

We pick the winner predictions in our daily cricket betting tips articles for all cricket matches.

Today’s cricket prediction articles are all posted one day in advance of matches so you can take your time and examine the bets on our site. We also compare the odds on the bets from a number of trusted betting sites in India and choose one site for you to place your bet.

To make a decision for our match prediction winner, our experts study the two teams, their squads, the recent performance as well as the external factors like the pitch conditions. This is how our cricket betting tips can remain so accurate over time.

Today’s cricket match win prediction tips are designed in a way that lets you make the most profit possible from matches. So make sure you check our site daily to really boost your real money winnings.

Cricket Betting Tips for the Professionals!

These are the cricket betting tips for people who want to be experts and make a HUGE profit over time!

This is another one of the services that are included in all of the cricket match predictions at Bet India. These are basically a number of different bet types where the odds are higher than match winner or toss winner.

Of course, higher odds means higher risk but also a higher profit!

The following advanced cricket betting tips are chosen carefully by our skilled cricket tipsters and will always be back up with a reason as to why they chose it.

cricket bats stopping cricket ball

Top batsman

The top batsman betting prediction is one of the most popular choices for many people. The odds for this bet type can vary a lot depending on the players and the teams.

We always analyse which batsmen are playing well in recent matches, which of them is batting in the top three and, of course, what players are the best choices for a particular wicket.

Here’s our complete guide on top batsman betting where you can learn how to bet like a pro too!

cricket ball knocking wickets

Top bowler

The top bowler prediction is also an interesting choice and can also be very easy to predict if you have some practice!

This requires pretty much the same analysis as the above. Except for this time, you will be looking at which bowlers are in the best form recently. Who has been taking the most wickets? Who has the best strike rate? These are all very important things to research before a decision is made in the cricket betting tips and predictions our experts create.

Here’s our complete guide on top bowler betting where you can learn how to bet like a pro too!

Trophy with a cricket ball

Man of the match

Man of the match is an interesting match prediction because it always has high odds!

Of course, those high odds also mean that it is a difficult cricket betting prediction to make – but always worth the returns on your investment when you get it right! It’s very rare that you will find odds below 7.0 for this and this can be as high as 22.0 sometimes too.

Can you just imagine the profits if you can win this bet?

Imgae of fire with a price tag to represent our hot cricket betting tips

Our Hot Bet

When it comes to betting tips, cricket has always been our strong point. That’s why we include one cricket betting tip every day called our Hot Bet. This betting tip is so hot that you absolutely must wager on it. The odds are too good not to!

You will always find our betting slip for the hot bet included in the cricket betting tips articles. That’s how much we believe that the odds are too hot to ignore!


The BEST Betting Site in India!

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Live Cricket Betting Tips

In each article, we will give you expert tips and predictions for live betting as well. So you will be getting a lot more than just the pre-match cricket predictions.

This includes some useful information on what may impact the odds during the game, or even during particular innings too. This means that for each game played in the big tournaments like the Pakistan Super League, the IPL or the BBL, you will also have the chance to get even more money with in-play betting.

If Sydney Thunder are playing Adelaide Strikers, for example, we would look at recent performance to determine the best cricket predictions for that game. We will suggest a betting tip like back them to win if they bat first, or place a bet on them not to get over 165.

There is a lot of variation in what live cricket betting tips you will find for free here! It certainly makes watching the game that much more exciting.

To make things easier, we have listed live betting sites in India to help you out.

Today’s IPL Betting Tips

Make the smart choice by following our IPL match prediction articles – this is the best way to make a real money payout on the Indian Premier League!

The six-week extravaganza known as the Indian Premier League is celebrated around the world as one of the best T20 leagues. With so many huge cricket stars playing in India all at once, it’s no surprise that this is the biggest event on the online cricket betting calendar.

We give IPL predictions a lot of extra attention so that you can make the most profit possible during the most exciting league of the year!

All of today’s IPL predictions and analysis will be listed on our site well in advance of matches. You can also find a list where you can find IPL betting so that you can get the best betting odds for Indian betting! You can also find a detailed guide for the teams and squads too.

IPL betting tips & predictions from experts

We base our IPL betting tips on the statistics available. That means that all of the IPL cricket tips you find have been carefully chosen to bring you the best free online service for IPL prediction articles.

In fact, our tips to bet on IPL are so accurate that last year, we predicted that either Mumbai Indians or Delhi Capitals would win the final BEFORE the start of the 2020 league. That’s what we call a victory!

Always bet responsibly!

We are hugely in favour of the responsible side of betting. For example, we will only bet with money that we can afford to lose – because that does happen too!

So, we encourage you to be responsible and be safe when you are following our betting predictions. For more information on how to be safe when betting online, follow our responsible gambling guidelines.

Betting can be a fun and entertaining way to spend some time and money, much like other things like having a few drinks with your friends. However, much like these things, it can be abused too and should be treated with respect and a responsible mind frame.

If you or someone you know is showing signs of irresponsible gambling then you must act before it becomes a bigger problem.