Free Kabaddi Betting Tips & Predictions

Kabaddi Betting Tip in India

Kabaddi is a sport which has been predominant in India and the world for many years together. However, the fame and recognition of the sport have been comparatively recent due to various leagues and tournaments coming into existence, especially the Pro Kabaddi League in India.

Since Kabaddi has been a major sport in the world, even more so in recent times, many online betting operators offer Kabaddi as a sport to bet on. Betting on Kabaddi is comparatively easier when compared to other sports such as Cricket or Football as the tournaments are less in number and so are the markets.

In this guide, we at Bet Rally India and our team of professional journalists and gamblers who will offer you the best tips on Kabaddi betting and how you can make educated predictions. You should also consider only betting at the fastest withdrawal betting sites available to get your winnings fast!

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How We Set Our Kabaddi Predictions

Kabaddi is a game where the more you understand it, the easier it is to place a winning bet. Once you understand the rules, the markets become easier to understand. However, we at Bet Rally India have made a guide for game predictions that suits all kinds of gamblers, novice or professional.

For the game of Kabaddi, there aren’t many factors that play a role in the game such as Football or Cricket, however, what does play a role is a team’s chemistry, the physical and mental state of all the players and more. Keeping these factors in mind, we aim to help you understand the game better and bet effectively on the matches.

Our kabaddi betting guides will help you make educated decisions on how to bet and understand the predictability of games being played in the country and abroad as well.

Basic Tips To Make Your Prediction

Even though there are not many factors playing a major role in the sport of Kabaddi when compared to other sports, it is still important to understand the game. By doing so, you can analyse the team, the performance, and much more to place your bets during a tournament.

However, there are a few internal factors which also play an important role when a match of Kabaddi is being played between the two2 teams. The factors at play in Kabaddi are slightly different than other sports.

  • Physiology – The physiology of the team’s players in an important role in Kabaddi as the game is extremely physical and yet, the mind plays an equally important role during the game as well. Hence, having good physiology is an essential aspect of the game.
  • Mental Health – Another major factor in sport is the mental health of the players. Since Kabaddi is a game that requires a positive and strong mental state that the players need to maintain to perform.
  • Skill level – In every sport, some players have a unique skill and style of playing the game. It is no different in Kabaddi where people bring flair to their gameplay which is unique and elegant. This is another important factor to consider.

Analysis of Teams and Players

This is perhaps the most important part of sports betting, especially in Kabaddi. In this game, 7 players are equally participating in the game, either in conducting a raid or defending. Hence, the analysis of each player of a team and the team as a whole is important before making a bet.

The most prevalent tournament for Kabaddi is the Asian Games which is an international competition. The best of the best come out to compete. To make an educated bet, analysing the team chemistry, how well they are playing, past performances, losses, and wins need to be checked.

If you are rooting for India in the Asian Games, you will need to analyse, which team has been taking the Gold medal and how strong they are this year. Apart from this, India’s past performance, the average points of India and each time along with the opponent’s team must be considered.

When it comes to the players, it is advised to check if the key players or the stronger players are present or playing in the team for the tournament. The top raider from the previous years, the defenders, etc.

There are also other tournaments such as the Pro Kabaddi League where players from all over the country play for a city team and have become popular over the years.

Advanced Kabaddi Betting Strategies

To furnish your betting strategy, we have come up with a few key pointers on advanced strategies which can help you understand your team and other teams better during betting.

For example, if you are betting on a team in the Pro Kabaddi League in India, you can check the key players in the team and how they perform against any of their opponents. If a raider performs better against a particular team or if your team is more motivated against a certain opponent during the initial rounds of the tournament.

The concept of revenge matches is very much existent in the Pro Kabaddi League. If a team is in the 4th or 5th position in the points table, the next few matches which they will be playing will be crucial and they will be motivated to win to get to that 3rd place or even 2nd. Following the league and all its matches in important to make an informed decision.

Importance of Statistics and Tables

Mathematics and statistics are an important aspect of any sport in today’s world. Every measure of a player is determined by numbers and statistics. It is no different in Kabaddi as well.

During matches, you might have seen various ‘stats’ shown about both the teams. There are also statistics on each player as well such as:

  • Total raids
  • Fouls
  • Number of successful tackles
  • Total number of tackles

Each of these measures is taken into consideration to determine the skill level of the player and how much he or she contributes to the total performance of the team.

For example, you wish to bet on the Indian Kabaddi team. However, you find out that the opponent team has a player who has scored the most number of successful raids in the tournament. This statistic could change the nature of your bet for the opponent team based on this as they could be in a more favourable position to win the match.

The Gut Feel

The gut feeling is something it all eventually comes down to. Even if you are just watching a game and enjoying it, you have a feeling which team is going to take the victory. Apart from this, everyone has a favourite team, where partiality comes into place.

If you are rooting for a team in the Pro Kabaddi League, you can always check the option of Live Betting where you can bet in real-time while watching the match.