Google Pay Betting Sites in India

Make Sports Betting Easy With These Google Pay Betting Sites

If you are not living under a rock, you might be aware of the gigantic sweep taken up by Google Pay in the e-wallet and e-transfer industry. With easy to pay procedures and of course, the beloved scratch cards, Google Pay or often known as G-Pay has cracked the code of making online transactions easier, engaging and secure for users. Here, we will go through how online betting and Google Pay can be used together easily!

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About Google Pay

Using Google Pay for your betting preferences is one of the best things you can do to make your sports betting experience pleasant and smooth. You might be wondering why must you shift from your trusted payment methods for betting and switch to the new arena of Google Pay. 

Allow me to explain:

  • Deposits are instant
  • G-Pay is a VERY secure payment platform.
  • You have more control over your gaming account.
  • Get digital scratch cards on Google Pay when you make a payment
  • It is easy to install and set up the app
  • Transactions work with most Indian banks
  • It has a simple and clean interface

How to deposit with Google Pay

It is easy to understand that you might be a little apprehensive about using Google Pay for your deposits. However, some of the biggest names support this platform, so there must be something good about it, right?

Let’s push your worries aside by explaining how you can make your deposits with Google Pay. 

With many Google Pay betting sites, the option may not easy to find. In such cases, it will say something along the lines of Bank Transfer IMPS/UPI. Since Google Pay is technically a Unified Payment Interface, entering the respective UPI ID/number will do the trick here.

Other times, you may also have to transfer the funds first to the operator with your Google Pay app to the mentioned UPI ID and then enter the transaction ID as proof of payment.

  1. Go to the deposit page

    All you have to do is login and click on the deposit option.

  2. Select the currency

    Though the currency is usually auto-selected, switch the tab to INR in case it is not.

  3. Select the Google Pay option

    Upon clicking the deposit option, select Google Pay option and click on it.

  4. Enter your Google Pay details

    Enter your Google Pay name, number and ID

  5. Enter the deposit amount

    Once done, simply click on Confirm

  6. Verify on Google Pay

    You will receive a notification about the payment request sent by the betting site.

  7. Pay on Google Pay

    Tap the pay button and enter your unique pin to validate this payment.

How to create a Google Pay account

  1. Open the Google play store or App store and download the ‘Google Pay app’.
  2. Go for the language of your choice and tap on the check sign to move forward.
  3. If you have a google account, it will automatically detect your email id, click on ‘Continue’. Make sure that you have a google account before you go ahead.
  4. Google Pay will detect the number on your sim card. If you have two sim cards, then you need to select the number that you have registered with the bank account. Enable messages and allow the app to know your location and contacts. 
  5. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile number. 
  6. Once verified, you can go ahead and safeguard your Google Pay app with a pattern or Google pin. Select the option and click on ‘Continue’.

Adding bank to your Google Pay account

  1. Once your account is set, you need to add a bank account to your app to enable transactions. For this, you need to visit your profile by clicking on your picture on the top right corner. 
  2. A new page with  ‘Add Bank Account,’ option will be displayed on your screen. Tap on it.
  3. Choose your bank from the list given. 
  4. Google Pay will send a verification SMS to the bank where the bank will verify your details in an automated process. This usually takes around 3-4 minutes. 
  5. Once verified, you will be asked to verify your bank account – for which you need to keep your debit card handy. Enter the last 6 digits and tap on the check button. 
  6. Now you’ll be asked to ‘Enter UPI PIN’ that will link your Google Pay account with your bank account.
  7. If you don’t know your UPI pin, tap on ‘Don’t know your UPI PIN?’ and follow the instructions that come up. 

Verifying your Google Pay account

Monetary investments are not meant to be taken lightly and betting certainly comes under that category! In this case, it is important that your payment method, in this case, Google Pay account is verified on your betting site. 

This is an important step as the site will not move along with deposits or any transaction, thus, making the entire betting excitement null and void. 

All you have to do it:

  1. Select Google Pay as your payment option. 
  2. Enter your UPI id – for example, [email protected]
  3. Your betting site will look for the validation of the UPI id.
  4. If your UPI id is valid, the betting site will automatically verify your Google Pay account and you can transact easily post the validation. 
  5. The process is prompted with every payment you make and I personally think it is an extra step towards safeguarding each and every transaction on the site.

Privacy and confidentiality

Google Pay does not compromise on user’s security and fortifies it using its collection of top security features that is used to prevent hacking, detect fraud and protect user identity. 

However, it also helps to set a strong PIN and be vigilant about the Google Pay account. It is not meant for others to access and that can be potentially bad for your monetary health. 

  1. Make sure that you have a strong Google PIN and UPI PIN for your Google Pay account. 
  2. Ensure that no one else has access to your Google Pay account and worse, knows your pins and patterns. 
  3. Add an extra security layer by using a phone screen lock in the form of pattern or PIN, in case the phone gets lost or stolen. 

Betting online with Google Pay

Betting online with Google Pay takes away unattractive problems like tardiness, difficulty to use and most importantly, low to no security. In fact, if you are interested in tennis betting or want something closer to home like online cricket betting in India, your Google Pay supporting betting site should be able to help you place your money with Google Pay as easily as your current payment method.

 I would like to think it can be better since you longer have to go through the documentation process and waiting period. A debit card, a legible Google account and you’re good to go!

What you need to know when depositing

Let’s say you found a hot prediction in our free cricket betting tips that you need to place money on straight away. I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that it is nice for a change to witness quick and easy deposits for this. Google Pay gives you the pleasure of instant deposits while protecting your sensitive information with multiple layers of security. It helps to know that Google is one of the world’s biggest digital companies that have an upper hand on data encryptions.

There is no fee involved in the process and you receive the amount you entered on the app into your deposits.

Since the service helps you transact only with the cards you have registered, you can be assured of the safety and regulated activity with your money that only you can validate and approve.

However, since Google Pay is a safety device for your banking accounts and debit cards, these transactions will appear on your bank statements. It will be under the name of your betting site here since Google is just a transaction intermediary. 

What you need to know when withdrawing

Unfortunately, withdrawals are not currently possible via Google Pay but we can hope they come up with that feature soon.

Now that you have one more payment option for your betting activities, what are you waiting for? Try Google Pay on your favourite site and let me know if it enhanced your betting and gaming experience.