European Cricket League T10 Predictions & Tips

European Cricket League T10 betting

The European cricket league T10 is the newest successful story in cricket. Established in 2019 by Daniel Weston after the Champions League model, it became an instant hit as soon as it took off.

The emerging cricket league has become a hit with punters as well. Standing out amongst so many cricket leagues these days is tough, but the ECL found its groove on social media thanks to the unusual bowling style of Pavel Florin.

If you love betting on this new league, you can find a list of cricket ECL betting sites on India Bet. Our site also offers top tips, predictions, and odds for the fresh league, all available on desktop or mobile devices.

European Cricket League betting sites


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Reviews of the best ECL betting sites

Much like when you’re looking for the best IPL betting sites available, you should do the same research here. Of course, we’ve already done most of the work so you don’t have to! Making India Bet’s list of top ECL betting sites for Indian players is not easy. Our team of professionals scour the web to deliver you with the best odds and write the top predictions in collaboration with expert punters.

We check all sites thoroughly, paying special attention to the following criteria:

  • License & safety – before we check anything else, we first take a look at the license of the bookie. If it’s not licensed by the top authorities on our list, it most likely isn’t safe for your bets.
  • Profitable promotions – for a bookie to appear on our list, it must have profitable sports promotions. Sites such as 10CRIC have great promos that will provide extra value to your bets.
  • Competitive odds – our betting partners have the best odds in the industry when it comes to cricket. If you want to bet on the ECL, you will find your favourite here.
  • 24/7 customer support – if you’re new to the world of online bookies, you’re going to have questions. All the bookies on our list offer 24/7 customer support so you can contact the bookie at all times.
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European Cricket League betting predictions & tips

India Bet offers regularly updated odds and online cricket predictions for betting on the ECL. You can find them all in the table below which has been created by our team of professional cricket experts.

Our team includes expert cricket journalists who work together to bring you the best ECL betting predictions. They watch all the games in this new exciting league so you can bet that they know their way around it.

The free ECL betting tips are available for new and experienced cricket punters. You can browse through them on your desktop or mobile device – India Bet works great on all new and even older smartphones.

In that way, you can easily visit our site on your phone and check the ECL tips and predictions anytime and anywhere.

How to bet on the European Cricket League

Since it’s a new league, betting on the ECL is more exciting than any other cricket event. As a new tournament, there’s a high probability that ECL odds are better than the Indian Premier League for example.

You also get dozens of markets to bet on, all with great odds. All you need to do is follow the matches or get exclusive information from our ECL betting guide.

Created by our team of professionals, Bet India’s guide to ECL betting will help you learn how to bet on the new league and get the most bang out of your buck. You can find more about it below.

Furthermore, you also get plenty of tips and suggestions as well as advanced features that offer a great ECL betting experience. Whether it’s for specific bets or outrights, you can learn more about all exciting ECL markets at Bet India.

If you’re new to cricket betting, our useful tips and predictions will allow you to settle right in. The guide is meant primarily for new punters while betting veterans will have no problem getting a hold of it.

Thanks to the advanced features, you’ll see that betting on the ECL is much more exciting than betting on the Cricket World Cup or any other cricket league for that matter.

Start & finish date

The city-based European Cricket League is a new global event that features champions from 8 European leagues fighting for the prestigious title of cricket “Kings of Europe”.

The first edition ran from 29-31 July 2019 at the La Manga Club in Spain. ECL’s first season attracted a huge audience which led to the formation of the European Cricket Network. Available across a variety of digital channels, it allows cricket fans to stream all the exciting action between the teams.

With 18 players from different nations taking part in the league’s first season, more are expected to follow for season 2. ECL is undoubtedly a popular league and as time passes, it will surely grow bigger.

Currently, there are no betting markets on offer for the ECL. As the new season draws closer, however, expect them to appear at our review of online betting sites.

Popular ECL bets: individual performances

Match betting and outright winners are the two most popular markets with great cricket odds in India. However, why not bet on individual performances? These bets allow you to predict how a player fares in a match.

You can bet on runs or wickets or pick the player of the match if that suits you better. With 8 champions from different European leagues in the European Cricket League, there are plenty of chances to win.

As mentioned, 18 players from Europe’s top leagues participate in the competition, so there’s plenty of action to bet on. Since it’s a European league, no Indian players are involved.

But it doesn’t matter. If you’re serious about cricket, you’ll always find a few good bets by checking out our ECL betting guide.

Our team of experts will recommend the best bets and odds for each match and player so you can make a more educated guess, even if you don’t follow the league that closely.

Outright favourites

Betting on the teams most likely to win a tournament/event is the most popular bet among punters. The thrill of seeing your team progress through the tournament is incomparable to anything else.

Of course, our betting partners have odds for the top favourites for the ECL. You’ll have to watch the games to see which team has the highest probability to win.

Thanks to our guide on ECL betting, it won’t be hard. You can find a detailed analysis of all the teams competing in the league and how big a favourite each one is.

Reading our guides and match analysis will help you predict the outright favourite to win next season’s European Cricket League. If you want to bet like a pro, you’re at the right place.

Since the second season of the ECL is still pretty far away, check Bet India regularly and sign up to our newsletter to learn when the markets open and get regularly updated odds, tips, and predictions.

European Cricket League live betting

In-play betting is an exciting market for all cricket fans. Just like the World Cup or any other premier cricket league, our betting partners have live ECL betting in their offer.

The league has a total of 17 matches in a T10 format so the competition is certainly massive. Thanks to that, you have a variety of live betting markets for the European Cricket League you shouldn’t miss.

Our detailed guide to live betting on the ECL will give you updated information on the performance of each team and player. Thanks to our experts, you’ll have detailed analysis of every match along with statistics.

That should be enough to help you make better predictions when betting on live matches. Ask any punter who has tried live betting about the experience and they will say they prefer it over fixed odds.

It’s bigger, faster, and better – in short, live ECL betting is simply more exciting.

ECL betting news

Apart from the regularly updated odds table and our detailed, expert ECL betting guides, Bet India is always on top of the latest news for the European Cricket League.

If you’re a bettor, you know that information is king for any sport. Cricket is no different. Having the latest info on the ECL at your disposal will surely come in handy when you’re placing bets.

This is why you need to sign up for our newsletter which should give you a better idea of what to expect when the second season of ECL starts. Our satta bazaar ECL is the place you want to be if you like to learn the latest info on the league and its teams.

Comparison of the best ECL odds

If you’re a punter, you already know the difference between good and bad odds. For example, the odds for a major favourite in any market are usually pretty low. Those odds can be classified as bad since you won’t earn anything even for a decent bet.

This is why it’s important to find a bookie with great ECL betting rates. The odds for the ECL will vary from one bookie to another. Luckily for you, we’ve picked the best ECL betting sites for Indian players so you don’t have to do the research on your own.

Just visit our betting point table regularly and you’ll find top deals that will help you earn some cash.