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Updated 22/07/2021

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Know the difference between betting value and best price? Want to know where you can enjoy online betting with consistently higher odds on the winner market in cricket matches? Do you know why having multiple betting accounts makes such a difference?

We’re about to reveal all!

Pure Win

BEST ODDS Betting Site in India!

  • Amazing odds on cricket
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  • Focused on Indian players

Why Pure Win is becoming so relevant

Indian-facing bookmaker Pure Win may not be the best-known betting site among Indian customers. It should be and for a lot of reasons!

But they’re certainly leading the way when it comes to one thing: consistently offering the best odds on the match winner market on cricket matches.

That makes them a betting site that we should all stand up and take note of. After all, cricket is King among Indian customers and the match-winner market is the one that customers most want to bet on.

Let’s look at the importance of consistently getting higher odds for the latest cricket betting for the match-winner markets

Betting Value v Best Price

Before we get to that, let’s clarify something: betting value and highest odds are two very different things. Betting value, arguably the most important factor in successful long-term betting, means getting more bang for your buck than what you should be getting.

As ever, the coin toss provides a good way of explaining it. If your friend gave you odds of 2.1 on the outcome of a coin toss, that’s betting value, because you’re getting a better return than you should.

After all, the odds should be 2.0 because there is no better example of a 50/50 chance than a coin toss. But let’s just assume that all your friends think you’re incredibly unlucky and want to take you on at a coin toss.

Rohit gives you 2.05 on whichever outcome of the coin toss you want, Virat gives you 2.1 and Rishabh offers you 2.2. All of those are betting value for the reason just explained. But it’s Rishabh who is giving you the highest odds, also known as ‘best price’.

Best price in practice

On Thursday, July 22, here are the prices on the major upcoming cricket matches on the winner market on Pure Win. Plus two other betting sites we endorse here at Bet India because we consider them high-quality betting companies.

In each case, the best price on each team is in bold and red.

West Indies v Australia 2nd ODI

West Indies Australia
Pure Win: 2.24 Pure Win: 1.65
Casumo: 2.4 Casumo: 1.57
Betway: 2.2 Betway: 1.61

Sri Lanka v India 3rd ODI

Sri Lanka India
Pure Win: 3.8 Pure Win: 1.27
Casumo: 4.0 Casumo: 1.24
Betway: 3.6 Betway: 1.25

Ireland v South Africa 2nd T20I

Ireland South Africa
Pure Win: 5.2 Pure Win: 1.17
Casumo: 4.75 Casumo: 1.18
Betway: 5.0 Betway: 1.15

The Hundred: Oval Invincibles v Manchester Originals

Oval Invincibles Manchester Originals
Pure Win: 1.91 Pure Win: 1.9
Casumo: 1.9 Casumo: 1.9
Betway: 1.83 Betway: 1.83

That means that looking at the odds on the eight teams across the four matches, Pure Win has the best price for four of them and joint-best (alongside Betway) in a further one.

Casumo were best price in three and joint-best with Pure Win, as discussed. Betway, by the way, wasn’t the best price in any.

The third most important part of the news

So what’s the significance of all this? It’s that of the three, Pure Win are the ones consistently offering greater returns in the match winner market.

Let’s say you decided that Ireland could cause an upset against South Africa and they did. The 5.2 with Pure Win is bigger than the 5.0 with Betway and far bigger than the 4.75 with Casumo.

And let’s say you also fancied Australia to beat the Windies in the 2nd ODI, who also went on to win. So you get 1.65 on the Aussies with Pure Win rather than 1.57 with Casumo, or 1.61 with Betway.

Well, if you’d placed ₹1000 on Ireland and South Africa you would have won:

Here’s your bets at Pure Win:

Ireland- ₹1000 @ 5.2 = ₹5200

Australia- ₹1000 @ 1.65 = ₹1650


Now contrast that with say Casumo:

Ireland- ₹1000 @ 4.75 = ₹4750

Australia- ₹1000 @ 1.57 = ₹1570


A significant difference in your payout!

Now think what a difference it would make when across a year or so of online betting across 100s of matches. Big difference.

What’s more, it’s included as one of the fast withdrawal betting sites in India so you can get more money and faster too!

By the way, this is no criticism of either Betway or Casumo. Both are excellent betting sites in their own right and if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be two of the sites we promote.

There are other markets, like top batsman or top bowler, where one or both had higher odds than what Pure Win did.

Just as an example, if you wanted to back Aussie youngster Josh Philippe to be Australia top batsman against the Windies, you’d be better off doing it at Casumo where he’s 5.0 than Pure Win, where he’s just 4.6

It’s just that Pure Win tends to offer better prices on the winner market and that’s why you’ll find them in our free cricket betting tips a lot as well.

So what’s the solution?

It is, of course, to hold multiple betting accounts. That’s one of the golden rules of betting that we talk about time and time again here at Bet India.

If you have multiple betting accounts, you can always get best price, irrespective of what you’re betting on.

All you need to do is manage your money efficiently so you have funds in three or four betting accounts at the same time and then just use the one who’s offering the best price on that particular fancy of yours, or whichever one of our cricket betting tips you’re following.

Here’s our Pure Win review, where we look at what else has impressed us about them beyond just offering higher odds.

Pure Win

BEST ODDS Betting Site in India!

  • Amazing odds on cricket
  • 5 hour Paytm withdrawals
  • Focused on Indian players