ICC Champions Trophy Betting and Predictions 2020

The ICC Champions Trophy, founded in 1998 is one of the most important and followed cricket tournaments in the world. The Champions Trophy is held every 2 years and was last held in 2017 where Pakistan had won the tournament whereas India has won the trophy twice in 2002 and 2013. 

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However, the International Cricket Council has disbanded the Champions Trophy and has made it a Twenty20 World Cup from 2019 onwards, to be played every 2 years. 

In this article, we at Bet India will be helping you with various tips on betting and predictions on the ICC Champions Trophy including a list of betting websites that can be operated on your mobile as well.

We have curated a list of betting sites where you can place your bets after becoming well-versed with how to do so along with helping you to make informed bets and understand how the predictions work. 

ICC Champions Trophy Betting Sites


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Reviews of The Best World Cup Sportsbooks

We at Bet India have carefully curated and made a list of the top sportsbooks for Indian players especially where you can bet on any match on the go on your mobile. As long as you have a smartphone and a stable WiFi or a data network connection. 

Given the wide range of options of sportsbooks which are available nowadays, we thought it would be helpful if our expert gamblers and journalists curated a list for you. However, if you feel that none of these websites are for you, you can always research and choose on your own. You must, however, keep in mind the various factors which need to be considered to choose the right sportsbook. 

Some of these factors are:

  • Licensing and Safety: This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when you are choosing a sportsbook operator on your own. The website must be licensed with a regulatory body such as the Malta Gaming Commission so that it can protect your privacy and data. 
  • Fast and Secure Withdrawals: Another factor that plays an important role is the withdrawal time and the security of your accounts and transactions. The process of withdrawal should be faster and equally secure so that you can keep your bets going and keep earning money.
  • Promotions: Many sportsbooks nowadays are offering promotions and bonuses on any bets made on any sports. It is beneficial to keep an eye out for them as they can help you kickstart your journey, especially if you are new to sportsbook betting. For example, on your first deposit, get a Rs.100 bonus which can be used to bet on any sport.
  • Customer Service: Being in India and betting on a sportsbook based somewhere in Malta can have its difficulties. Like in a long-distance relationship, it is important to be constantly connected so that all your complaints and queries can be addressed in real-time to prevent any kind of issue. 

ICC Champions Trophy Betting Tips & Predictions

We at Bet India take cricket very seriously, just like most people in India do. However, since we take betting seriously too, we have added something special on our website where you can see timely updates and predictions on the upcoming matches in the tournament. This is curated by the dedicated sports journalists and professional gamblers working with us. 

With these free Champions Trophy betting tips, we believe that you can make your mark in the cricket betting circuit. We will be displaying the odds in favour, a few tips on the upcoming matches as well as updates on the squad, players, teams, etc. 

For example, if the next match in the tournament is India vs Australia, we will be putting up the betting odds for both the teams and also display the various markets where you can place your bets.

Given how India had beaten Australia in their last encounter in a One-Day International series, the odds could be in Australia’s favour as they would be looking for payback. 

Apart from the payback factor, we will be putting up other predictions as well such as:

  • Glenn Maxwell scoring a century.
  • Mitchell Starc taking more than 2 wickets.
  • Rohit Sharma scoring a half-century.
  • Jasprit Bumrah taking more than 1 wicket.

The predictions come with a background of extensive research and analysis done by our team of journalists. Past performances, player analysis, and every intricate factor are taken into consideration before the predictions are made. 

How to Bet on ICC Champions League 2020

The next Champions League 2020 or World Cup Twenty20 will be held in Australia. This championship will be completely different from other tournaments as it will be played in the Twenty20 format in an attempt for the format to secure an Olympic spot. 

A Twenty-20 game is completely different from a One-Day International game and way more different than a test match. Due to its fast-paced nature, volatility, intense pressure for batsmen and bowlers alike, all of these and the restriction of time makes it an intense tournament. Each match is equally important and every team member must be at their best. 

Given how Pakistan had won the last tournament, there are many teams out there especially India and Bangladesh who will be looking to take revenge, but in Australia’s backyard. There will be 16 countries participating in the tournament and each one of them will be working to have a shot at glory, especially India, to be the only team to win the tournament three times.

We at Bet India and our team of journalists have curated and made these guides in collaboration with experienced sports gamblers to provide nothing but the best for our customers. For us, it is not just about numbers, but also learning and to make the experience of betting on such a high-intensity tournament, fun and informative. 

Start and Finish Date

The ICC Champions League/T-20 World Cup begins on 18 October 2020 and is going to be played for almost a month, ending on 15 November 2020. The duration of the tournament is comparatively shorter than the Champions League majorly due to the reduction in overs. 

The players require a shorter rest time as they are playing a 20 over game instead of 50. There are quite a few betting operators where the markets to bet on the tournament have already begun, however, there is only one market existing which is of which team will win the tournament.

However, when the tournament starts, you can bet on a wide range of markets during each match. The markets for each match will close when the match is coming to an end.

Just like the other major cricket tournaments played around the world such as the World Cup or even Indian Premier League, there are awards for the best batsman and best bowler. Apart from this, there is also ‘Player of the Tournament’ or the ‘Man of the Series’.

Apart from this another popular bet in cricket is the ‘Man of the Match’ award which is given at the end of every match. However, the more popular bets will be match centric. For example, which player can score a century or a half-century or which player will take more number of wickets. 

Anticipated Winners Predictions

Every year, we at Bet India curate a list of the teams in ranking order who we believe have the potential to win. These rankings are based on past performance and other statistics depending on the probability of how they have previously fared in other international tournaments. 

So for the ICC Champions Trophy, here are the rankings:

  • Australia – As of now, according to us at Bet India are the ICC Champions Trophy favourites to win the tournament. Having the advantage of the home ground and increased motivation to defeat India, they are the strongest contenders out there. 
  • India – The Indian cricket team is not far behind given their past performance in major tournaments where even though during a rough spot, they have picked themselves up and proven the world why the game is synonymous to India. 
  • England – Amidst many speculations on the team performance, England has always been a strong contender in international tournaments of this stature. Given that they have a chance to beat Australia at home twice in one year, we can say that England is gearing up.
  • South Africa – South Africa, like England will be facing Australia in a tournament at home and will have a chance to defeat them before the Champions Trophy even begins. However, given their past performance, they are still high in the chain of cricket. 
  • Pakistan – Given that they are the defending champions of the tournament, Pakistan amidst many speculations surrounding the team, its players and the management, have a chance to prove to the world that they can be great again. Hence, to complete the top 5 list, Pakistan would be a perfect closer. 

ICC Champion Trophy Live Betting

Nowadays, with technology, almost everything is possible. So when it comes to live betting in cricket, it is just as common as anything else. 

Live streaming of the game while betting has always proven to be more beneficial compared to just betting out of the blue. Watching a game gives you perspective and information which can enable you to make better decisions and can win you a lot of money. 

Since a T-20 game is an intense and fast-paced variant of cricket, every ball in important along with every wicket and every strike. It all comes down to the last split second which can change your decision or your bet during a match. While betting you have a personal stake in the game, and what better to enhance it than watching the game live as you go making your in-play bets.

ICC Champions Trophy Betting News

Everything related to sports and tournaments comes down to information and its validity. Since rumours and hearsay are a big part of any industry, you can trust us as Bet India to provide you with updates in real-time on the ICC Champions Trophy to keep you in the loop on the tournament. 

To get the latest information and news on various cricket tournaments, you can sign up for our newsletter where the updates on all sports will be sent to you via email. 

Comparison of The Best ICC Champions Trophy Odds 2020

In the table below, the dynamic odds which you can see is a detailed comparison of the best odds you will see on the ICC Champions Trophy 2020. It is important to choose a trustworthy website that is safe, secure and also provides you with the best odds for a particular tournament, one which is especially fast-paced and crucial as this one. 

Choosing a website offering the best ICC Champions Trophy rates can prove to be quite beneficial for you. When the odds are lower, the payout is also higher. Hence if you see that a team has lower odds, the payout is higher. Now you can compare the same odds on other websites to check what the lowest odds they are offering. This can help you calculate the total winnings if you make a bet. 

You can check this table to understand odds in-depth and also take up a promotional offer which we are offering once you make an account on our website. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and make the most of the best odds!