Will IPL 2021 Return in September?

Will IPL 2021 Return in September?
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Last updated on 9th September 2021

Published: 24/05/2021

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The second phase of the Indian Premier League 2021 will potentially be played in the UAE in September-October of this year. The BCCI is set to meet on 29th May and is likely to announce the plans for the remainder of the IPL after that.

New Window for IPL 2021

Since the postponement that was started immediately on the 4th of May, the series had been abandoned with 31 games yet to be played. 15th September to 15th October is the optimal window for the rest of the league to be played.

Implications with India’s Tour of England

India will be travelling to England in August for a much anticipated five-Test series. This is scheduled to run from 4th August to 14th September. Experts say that, if the window between the second and the third Test game can be reduced, then the return of the IPL may be possible. There is currently a 9-day gap between these 2 games.

By reducing this gap to four days, there will be ample time for rest between the end of the Test series and the start of the IPL.

However, the BCCI have yet to make any official statement on this as of yet. They have also not yet started any official talks with the ECB about this proposal either. All of this will be discussed on 29th May in the Special General Meeting.

Time of India Sources Report

If we can have those extra days eked out from the India-England schedule, then it adds to the window. If not, then within these 30 days, a full day will have to be set aside for the India team and the English team cricketers to travel from the UK to UAE, five days will have to be set aside for the knockouts later. That will leave the BCCI with 24 days to conclude the 27 matches. This window has four weekends available, which means a total of eight Saturdays and Sundays for double-headers, that can accommodate 16 matches. That will leave BCCI with 11 matches to be held in 19 days. That’s a week extra.

Implications with the World T20

This planned window will, of course, also make it very tight for the beginning of the T20 World Cup. This is planned to start on 18th October in India.

The BCCI is unlikely to make any changes to the starting date for this. Sources from the TOI however, are confident that the IPL will act as a perfect “warm-up” to the World Cup.

At the moment, the International Cricket Council are not interfering with any plans that the BCCI may put forward. As long as the new dates do not interfere with the World Cup.