Online Badminton Betting

From being a source of entertainment to being played on a professional level by almost the entire world, badminton betting has come a long way. The likes of Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu (Indian Olympic medal winners in Badminton) have played a great role in popularizing the sport in India.

Adaptation of technology on such a big level has enabled everyone to follow the game on the go, especially in a country like India where it has a huge following. High-speed mobile internet has also spread awareness and opportunities around online badminton betting.

There are a countless number of mobile websites and apps accepting Indian Rupees for depositing money for live betting on various live games around the world. This article lists down best websites for live badminton betting with the best possible betting odds.

Best badminton betting sites in 2019


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Reviews of trusted badminton sportsbooks

At Bet India, we ensure our readers to get the best information possible, while choosing the right sportsbook for badminton odds. With thousands of new potential punters every day, India has a huge growing market for betting.

The list of badminton betting websites in India, mentioned on this page is crafted with thorough research and expertise. We have selected the websites on four important parameters.

Fast & Secure withdrawals

Deposits & Withdrawals remain the most important factors of badminton betting. At Bet India, we make it a point to include the websites which provide the fastest withdrawals and accept rupee as the currency to deposit money and withdraw your earnings.

For example, a website like 10Cric offers withdrawals in an Indian bank account in less than 6 hours using NEFT, IMPS and UPI methods. Almost all these websites accept Skrill and Neteller as payment gateways to offer a seamless experience transferring money.

Sites with the best odds

Bet India has also ensured that the websites mentioned on this page have the best odds for badminton betting. Better odds, or Satta as known in Hindi, for betting, means maximised earnings. For an example, if you are betting with as less as 1000 rupees on PV Sindhu winning against Saina Nehwal, and one bookmaker website has priced Saina’s win at 1.5 and another website has priced it at 1.8, there’s a difference worth INR 1300 in the final payment sent to you.

These websites have a transparent payment structure so that you do not lose your hard-earned money in hidden charges. Such betting sites also offer dedicated customer support to ensure you are never without answers to any query you might have. Bet India compares all the odds and brings you the best so that you can bet freely.

Free bets & promotions

All the betting sites listed on Bet India offer a great signing bonus, sometimes equalling to almost 100% on your first deposit amount. This bonus offers you extra bandwidth to bet when you are just beginning with the journey and right bets can double your earnings in no time. The combination of huge signing bonus and the best-crafted odds increases your winning probability on badminton bets with a great margin.

Live Betting & Streaming

All the websites mentioned on this page offer live badminton betting and streaming on top tournaments and matches. Live betting is exciting & thrilling and it offers amazing opportunities for punters who bet on live moments like who is scoring the next point or who is winning the next set. Without live betting, punters can only bet on who is going to win the match and that leaves the punter with a very limited choice of betting.

Live betting is usually complemented with live streaming of the particular game. The betting websites ensure that there is live streaming of almost all the professional badminton games in the world so that punters can have a wide range of options to choose from.

Live streaming on the same page, where you are placing your bets from, also gives an opportunity to analyse the game situation in a blink and place the bets. This speeds up the whole process and saves a lot of time.

Comparison of best badminton odds

Bet India updates the current badminton odds from all the partner betting sites in real-time, that means punters are aware of the changing odds the moment they happen. This real-time updating of odds or satta rates helps an individual make the best decisions before betting.

Also, the fact that you can compare real-time odds from different websites like 10Cric, Bet365, Betway, Leovegas at one place, gives even more flexibility in terms of choices and winning potential.

In betting, sportsbooks usually provide almost all the information you need about a badminton game. Including the schedule, players playing the match, recent track record of the players as well as a live scorecard of the match as and when it happens.

Sportsbooks offer more money for low placed players as they logically have lesser chances of winning against the high ranked players. So if you have placed your bet on a mediocre player who succeeds in defeating a top 5 ranked player like Saina Nehwal or Kento Momota, you win big. The odds as well as winning potential get bigger and bigger with popular games and games like final of an Olympic can get you up to 1000x returns in case you are able to make the right predictions.

Bet India does not focus only on providing the best badminton tournaments to bet on, but the choices of bookmakers available at cover almost every ongoing professional match of badminton.

The biggest leagues for badminton betting include the likes of tournaments which are followed across the globe and the different badminton satta bazaars are really hot at those times. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest badminton tournaments which you can place bets on.


No matter how many more championships are played, Olympics remains are the biggest ever stage for any sport. Badminton was included in the Olympics in 1992. For professional badminton players, even qualifying for the mega event is like a dream and the intensity of the event fuels the excitement and rate of odds for badminton betting. Olympics is played by the top ranked international players of badminton and online betting on Olympic badminton games has gained huge traction lately.

BWF Super Series

Badminton World Federation, the governing body of badminton across the globe, started a 2 tier championship in 2006. In less than 2 decades of launch, the BWF super series has established itself as a premier badminton tournament and has given more betting opportunities for badminton fans. Badminton Betting on BWF Super Series Matches is gaining huge popularity with time.

World Championships

Another annual event, started in 1977, which has top badminton players trying their luck to win titles. This tournament offers the most ranking points which are on par of the olympic games. The players, however, do not earn any prize money for winning the championship, but fans can earn big with live betting on badminton world championship matches.

Premier Badminton League

Just like Indian Premier League in Cricket and Indian Super League in football, India also has a franchisee model badminton tournament started in 2013. Originally named Indian Badminton League, this tournament keeps on getting bigger with each passing year and attracts top international badminton players. Bet India’s curated sites let you place your bets on badminton games in PBL.

In-Play & Live betting on badminton

Though badminton betting is usually straightforward and the bets are placed on the odds of a player winning the match, there are several factors that can impact the result of a badminton game as well as the odds of badminton betting. Keeping these factors in mind, you can ace live betting on the internet with the help of live badminton betting sites mentioned on this page. Let’s have a look at some of them

  • Recent Performance: Many punters look at the overall rating points of a player while placing bets. However, it is often seen that the recent record of a player is vital. A low ranked player can defeat any heavyweight if he/she is going through a great phase. Vice versa, a top-ranked player can lose to a mediocre player if he/she hasn’t had a good recent record or playing the game after a break. To become successful in badminton betting, a punter needs to keep such factors in mind.
  • Tournament format: Tournament format also impacts the performance of players in a few situations. For example, tournaments like the Olympics give just one chance to the player before he/she is ruled out. This can have a huge impact on live betting as the odds change quite frequently.
  • News Updates: Serious punters are always advised to be updated with the news surrounding the players they are betting on. In the times of social and digital media, news related to injuries, relationships travel faster than light. A player might want to play the final of an Olympics despite sustaining an injury or losing a close family member, however, more often than not, the player is not in the best state to win a match. Such factors can change the course of games and betting odds in a matter of seconds and can make you win or lose big in badminton betting.

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As badminton keeps on gaining popularity in India with the rise of players like K Shrikant, Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu, there has been rising interest from all sections towards betting on the thrilling racket sport.

Sites like Bet India come into picture by offering information about best badminton sites and provide real-time information about the odds. If you’ve had your doubts cleared and are ready to take the plunge, sign up with a %-based badminton welcome bonus on any of the sportsbooks below!


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